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About SteadyJoy

Welcome to New York City

Who Is SteadyJoy?

We are the experts in customized group tours and outings in New York City.

Since 1997, SteadyJoy has designed, led, directed, planned and hosted tours and events in New York City (and Chicago, Boston, DC area and Philadelphia).

The company name "SteadyJoy" was derived from the phrase "I will live in a steady joy."

The phrase comes from a poem by Donald Hall in his poetry book The Happy Man and his poem "Mr. Wakeville on Interstate 90." In 2006, Donald Hall was named Poet Laureate of the USA.

We Are Passionate About NYC

Our passions are New York City and its entertainment, arts, dining, theatre, live events, tours, sightseeing, travel and anything associated with having a good time, enjoying the Big Apple.

On all SteadyJoy guided or self-guided tours and at our special events, you and your group will come to love the sights, sounds, events, activities and even the smells and the pace of New York City as much as we do.

Best Deal
Best Deal in NYC

Your entire trip includes, as a bonus, a personalized, pocket-sized guidebook. We call it a PorTOURble.

Your trip will usually cost less than with other tour operators and companies.

You have full control over everything you see and do and pay.

All of our guides and associates are licensed, passionate New Yorkers who live here.

You get your choices of events, attractions, Broadway shows and dining spots.

Broadway show

We suggest that you also let us set up a Broadway show and evening or lunch meals for you. You choose your own show or allow us to pick one for you and your group (try our unique 1-2-3 Suggestion System for theatre shows and dining). Theatre events may also be Off-Broadway.

What's Included
Statue of Liberty
  • A customized combination of our New York City Essentials; Run-You-Ragged; and Broadway Theatre
  • Tours along with special events depending on time of year and occasions
  • Suggestions for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Suggestions for theatre shows (tickets can also be included as part of basic package)
  • Telephone and text access full-time to Tour Guide for all of each day and most of the night
How We Work Together
Love Sculpture by MoMA

On self-guided and guided/hosted SteadyJoy tours, you receive a PorTOURble to carry along with you as you would a guidebook--in your hand, in your pocket or purse--but one that is completely customized and personalized for you and your group.

Your printed, always-up-to-date PorTOURble “tour guide” has current information about specialty tours, restaurants, sights, arts, Broadway and off-Broadway theatre, themed and neighborhood tours, directions, transportation information, city information, live events and activities associated with a specific tours and events, and special requests made by the guests. It contains: photographs, reviews, notes, maps, descriptions, information, tips, locations, hours, etc.

Our Mission

At SteadyJoy, we have a single mission: To provide you and your group with the best, most complete, most customized tours and outing experiences in New York City.

An experience . . . not just a tour or trip!

We always exceed your expectations.
You will be not only satisfied but absolutely delighted!

Our Promise to You

Love the tour
     Love SteadyJoy or
         Get a refund!