Starting at $150 For An Up-To-7-Days,
Full-City, Complete, Guaranteed, Self-Guided Tour!

SteadyJoy Services

New York City
Starting at $125
For An Up-To-7-Days,
Full-City, Complete, Guaranteed, Self-Guided Tour!

Customized for you

SteadyJoy designs, arranges, organizes, plans and customizes your trips and tours ... with your assistance and under your full control and always within your budget.

In a day, two or five days and even seven or even more, SteadyJoy tour-guiding and tour-planning services will provide you and your group and guests with a satisfying immersion in New York City, enjoying and experiencing many must-see attractions, events, activities and sights and exploring the most exciting locations and landmarks in New York City--the City That Never Sleeps—The Big Apple. 

You'll love it!

On all SteadyJoy self-guided tours and at our special events, you and your group will come to love the sights, sounds, events, activities and even the smells and the pace of New York City as much as we do.

In fact, in your PorTOURble, at each stop, we alert you to them, just as a tour guide would.

Your personalized guidebook

Right in your hands and pockets, you will have a pocket-sized guidebook (PorTOURble) that is personally customized, designed and arranged for you and your group plus all-day and night access to our SteadyJoy human tour specialists. 

Fixed price; low cost

SteadyJoy has a fixed, one-time setup rate. That’s it! No other fees to us: what you pay for entrance fees, food, attractions, shows, events and such are exactly what they cost—face value.

SteadyJoy provides the best and most complete NYC experience you will ever get and for the lowest prices as compared to other, more restrictive tour companies.

The full tours are on foot and by the safe, convenient and quick subways or public buses. Those are the best ways to see New York City. You can see everything in all five boroughs. Of course, you can take taxis if and when you wish. Or a horse carriage!

You determine what you want to see and do and what you pay—with our help. Everything is à la carte, chosen by you at a price level you are comfortable with. If you chose to let us set up meals and shows for you, you can even decide what types of food you want and how much you want to pay—same for Broadway shows and other events. 

The ultimate experience

SteadyJoy gives you the ultimate experience in NYC whether you are a tourist, visitor or seasoned local. We make it extraordinarily easy to find anything you need: restaurant theater, attraction, event, music, walking routes, subways, movies and for you to customize any outing, tour. We pay attention to every detail, so you can relax and enjoy your stay, tour and outings in New York City.